Portuguese India – Postal History and the First Issues From the “natives” to 1900 – by Luís and Eduardo Barreiros

The Royal Philatelic Society, London is pleased to announce the release of a new major study of the early stamps and postal history of Portuguese India, also known as Goa. Goa was the only colony to be authorised by King D. Luís of Portugal to print its own stamps. This decision was apparently taken because British India had its own postage stamps already, because of the geographical proximity of the two, and the commercial activity between the two territories. Because they were printed locally using rudimentary methods, they are known as “native” stamps; the stamps were put into circulation on 1 October 1871.

In the first part of the book, the authors have tried to gather all the knowledge relevant to the subject that was scattered in various sources, to which other information that the authors found through their own research, was added. The key events of Goa’s postal history – internal mail, maritime mail, postal reforms, postal agreements, rates, as well as the postmarks and cancellations of Goa, Damão, and Diu, the mail routes to British India, and from there to the East and Europe are presented in the book.

The second part is a collection of copies of the “native” stamps, presented both in chronological order of their issue, and the different varieties of each issue. This part of the book offers a work of reference for collectors of this fascinating period of Portuguese India.

This lengthy and lavishly illustrated book (380 pages and 1400 Illustrations), which includes many examples of stamps and covers from the authors’ own collections, ends with a list of tables, a bibliography, and an index.

The authors, Luís and Eduardo Moreira Barreiros, are twin brothers who were born in Cabinda, Angola in 1953. They are both physicians still practicing and teaching medicine. They began collecting stamps at the age of twelve. The first serious interest started at the age of twenty with military mail of the colonial war and they have published a book about the subject in 2004, as well as many monographs and articles regarding aspects of Portuguese philately.

The authors have been the editors of the Clube Filatélico de Portugal Bulletin since 2017. They are Fellows of the Royal Philatelic Society, London and its representatives in Portugal as well as being members of numerous other philatelic societies. They have been awarded the “Order of Merit” by the Portuguese Philatelic Federation

Published by the Royal Philatelic Society, London, 2022 ISBN 978-1-913015-18-3. Hardback price £60 for members of the RPSL, £66 for non-members.
A leather-bound version of the book is also available

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